ASHRAE Hellenic Chapter is organising the 3rd Technical Conference "ENERGY in BUILDINGS - Northern Hellas" on May 14, 2016 at the TEE-TKM amphitheater in Thessaloniki, Hellas. Registration is open.

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Technical Conference

The ASHRAE Hellenic Chapter, promoting it’s active presence in Northern Hellas, is organising the third Technical Conference in Thessaloniki, on Saturday, May 14, 2016, at the auditorium of the TEE-TKM.

Registration is now open.

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Fundamentals of HVAC: Water System Design

The Hellenic Chapter of ASHRAE is organising on Wednesday April 20, 2016, at the Athens Ledra Hotel, a technical seminar on “Fundamentals of HVAC: Water System Design”.

What You Will Learn
You will develop an understanding of the basic concepts of hydronic system operation and design, including piping systems, centrifugal pumps, control valves. After completing the workshop, you should know:
• The components of hydronic systems.
• The basic concepts of piping system design

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Getting from AEDGs to ZEBs

Buildings account for more than 40% of U.S. primary energy use. ASHRAE, IESNA, USGBC, AIA, and DOE have collaborated on a series of Advanced Energy Design Guides (AEDGs) for significant energy savings beyond Standard 90.1. The guides provide prescriptive packages for each climate zone to reach the energy savings goals of 30% and 50%.  AEDGs for 50% savings in four building types were completed in 2012. This presentation provides an overview of the AEDG process as well as examples of packages and case studies from the 50% guides. Also presented are examples of today's zero-energy buildings and the key systems and technologies they employed.

All eleven AEDGs can be freely downloaded here

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The Hellenic Chapter of ASHRAE is organising on Tuesday February 9, 2016, at the Athens Ledra Hotel, a technical seminar on Innovative Artificial Lighting and Textile Air Ducts for Efficiency and Flexibility.

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The Hellenic Chapter of ASHRAE is organising on Thursday December 10, 2015, at the Athens Ledra Hotel, a technical seminar on the new EU legislation on Ecodesign and Energy Labelling that is already mandatory on Heating and Hot Water Production (from boilers, heat pumps and solar) and will be required on Ventilation and Air Conditioning units from January 1, 2016.

Why Ecodesign is important ...

The legal framework ...

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The Hellenic Chapter is organising the Technical seminar "Renewable Energy and Buildings" on Tuesday April 7, 2015 at the Athens Ledra Hotel.

17:00-17:45 Welcome reception - Sponsors exhibition
18:00-18:45 Integrating Renewable Energy Systems into Buildings
19:00-19:45 Solar Thermal Systems for the Heating of Residential Buildings
20:00-21:00 Cockail Buffet

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ASHRAE Certification Exams in Athens

  • Apply by FEBRUARY 12, 2016 to be eligible to sit for the exams.
  • Candidats are strongly encouraged to take a 30-question "Practice Exam" for their certification (step #5 on their “landing page”, for more look here).  ASHRAE has one for every certification except the OPMP.  To simulate exam conditions/testing time, candidates could allow themselves 45 minutes to answer the 30 questions. 
  • Additional information can be found at ASHRAE's website

An ASHRAE certification is a distinct honor held by top professionals in HVAC&R and allied fields and is recognised as a standard of excellence worldwide. You can join an elite group of over 1,900 professionals who have demonstrated their knowledge and expertise in this important area of the building industry.

For the forth consecutive year, the ASHRAE Hellenic Chapter organizes ASHRAE Certification Exams in Athens on March 5, 2016. Those interested in the exams should email to declaring the certification program (BEAP, BEMP, CPMP, HFDP, HBDP & OPMP) of their interest. All interested are kindly required for their early registration in order to ease the organizing procedures. On behalf of the Certification Committee Dimitris Mantas Mechanical Engineer, BEAP Certification Committee Chair

HELLENIC Chapter gets 'On Board' with NAVY

ATHENS – The Hellenic Chapter is looking to jump on board with the Hellenic Navy to help improve shipboard energy and indoor air quality (IAQ). Recently, Bill Bahnfleth, ASHRAE president, and members of the Hellenic Chapter met with leaders of the Hellenic Navy at the Hellenic Ministry of National Defense. “The Hellenic Navy is very interested in developing a working relationship with ASHRAE in areas including training, research, conferences, technical committee involvement and others,” Costas Balaras, former ASHRAE vice president, said.